Needle piercings are highly recommended as they cause minimal trauma to your ear, unlike gun piercings. Needle piercings also offer shorter and easier healing times. This method is the most hygienic and allows for greater precision.


    Our Piercers undergo comprehensive in-house training, including shadowing sessions with experienced senior piercers, before entering the field. We prioritize professionalism, employ appropriate techniques, and emphasize thorough sanitization practices.


    Piercings look great on everyone, which is why we provide affordable options ranging from $59 to $79 for a pair. No additional service fees!


    Experience the art of piercing at Pilgrim; your destination for elevated piercings.

    Our Pilgrim-certified piercers offer gentle and quick-healing needle piercings. You can get pierced and receive a stylish stainless-steel earring set in all of our stores. Secure your appointment today.


At Pilgrim, we take pride in all our products being
hand & heart made.

By producing everything by hand we aim to craft products of high quality and with attention to detail.

By producing everything by heart, we aim to craft products with care and responsibility for our surroundings, everything from our employees to the environment

Good craftsmanship is essential when making Jewellery, watches & sunglasses – this is why Pilgrim products will never compromise

Pilgrim jewellery
pieces are

Free of lead and nickel
Designed for sensitive skin
Plated with real gold or silver
Made on a base metal of either brass or zinc

watches are

Water resistant up to 3ATM
IP plated with either real gold or silver
Made of  stainless steel and brass (top ring, case, back and crown) 

sunglasses are

UV400 protected

At Pilgrim, we only use precious stones or rostones in our production and all crystals used are Preciosa® grade A crystals.
We stand by our products and that's why Pilgrim products comes with a guarantee on quality and design. 
One year warranty on Pilgrim Sunglasses and Jewellery. 
Two year warranty on Pilgrim Watches.


Inspired by Scandinavian
culture, stories, moods and mythology.

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35 years of experience in craftsmanship
Gold or silver plated.

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Pilgrim responsibily sources packaging
and products because we care.

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Pilgrim has donated over $3 000 000
to Medecins Sans Frontiers.

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FROM $59 TO $79


  • Regular price $59.00
  • Regular price $69.00
  • Regular price $59.00
  • Regular price $59.00
  • Regular price $59.00
  • Regular price $79.00
  • Regular price $59.00
  • Regular price $59.00

    All our piercing studs are individually sterilized and designed for single use.

    We have over 30 styles for you to choose from ranging from $59 to $79 for the pair.

    Gold studs are PVD plated with 18-24K gold, and this plating type will not tarnish nor cause irritation.

    Our silver studs are made of surgical steel that meet the ASTM F-138 standards.

    For sanitary reasons, our piercing studs are only available for purchase in our stores.

To book your piercing appointment click here and then select the store where you'd like to get pierced.

While we warmly welcome walk-ins, availability is subject to reservation slots. We highly recommend scheduling an appointment in advance to secure your spot and facilitate a smoother experience.

Of course! Piercing is permitted in all of our stores for individuals under 18 with mandatory parental consent. However, unaccompanied minors will be declined. It's important to note that the comfort levels for piercing children may vary at each location, so it's advisable to contact the establishment in advance. Generally, establishments tend to accept piercing for individuals above the age of 10. It is recommended to call the specific piercing location to inquire about children below the age of 10.

We advise refraining from alcohol consumption within 24 hours prior to your appointment. To minimize the risk of infections and facilitate a smoother experience, it is recommended to wash your hair the day before. Additionally, if feasible, please remove any earrings in the vicinity of the intended piercing area beforehand to expedite the process during your in-store visit.

The appointment is scheduled for 15 minutes, although the actual piercing procedure typically lasts no more than 30 seconds to 1 minute.

For optimal and expedited healing, it is generally advisable to limit the number of piercings to a maximum of four at once. For reservations involving multiple piercings across different individuals, we kindly request that each person be booked individually, requiring a separate appointment for each individual.

We offer a variety of pre-sterilized surgical steel jewellery options, available for closer examination in-store. You can explore some of our piercing studs here.

Not typically! The use of a piercing gun is discouraged as it doesn't pierce but rather tears through flesh, resulting in increased scar tissue and prolonged healing times. Furthermore, the forceful impact can lead to permanent cartilage damage. We advocate for the use of needles as a safer and quicker healing alternative. While pain perception varies individually, a commonly cited comparison is that the sensation is akin to receiving a vaccine. On a pain scale, lobes typically rate 2-3 out of 10, while cartilage piercings are generally considered a 5-6 out of 10.

We do not provide services for facial piercings.

The healing duration for piercings varies based on their location, ranging from 1-2 months for lobes to 8-12 months for cartilage. Generally, sensitivity tends to subside after approximately one week for lobes and 3-4 weeks for cartilage piercings.

All our current earrings feature tiny butterfly backings, making them easy for clients to remove on their own.These small backings are designed for maximum comfort and to minimize the retention of bacteria. If you ever notice excessive buildup behind the earring, these backings provide a way to remove trapped bacteria without disturbing the piercing or impeding the healing process. Should you need to do this, we highly advise returning to your Pilgrim piercer so that they can ensure the well-being of your piercing.

We use SS316L, a surgical implant-grade steel, that stands as the most utilized material for body jewellery. Our surgical steel is ASTM F138 compliant. This metal is widely used by the piercing industry and is often chosen for its suitability for prolonged skin contact. 

It is imperative to treat the piercing as an open wound and handle it with the utmost care. For detailed aftercare instructions, please refer to our Piercing Care Guide here.

  • No redness tingling, swelling or liquid discharges.
  • No irritation or sensitivity when touched/pulled/turned.
  • Wait the commended healing period before removing your initial earring.

  • Minimize direct contact with hands.
  • Clean the area frequently with saline solution & cotton swabs.
  • For swelling, pus or pain signal infection; seek immediate medical attention.