Crushing On You - PILGRIM

Crushing On You

Celebrate the month of love with Pilgrim jewellery, wether you're celebrating a partner, a best friend, your dream job, or yourself.
Holiday Party Favours - PILGRIM

Holiday Party Favours

Mix up and dress up your party looks with statement jewellery- including the ones you haven't thought of. Sit back, and let's guide you through our...
Holiday gift guide - PILGRIM

Holiday gift guide

The holidays are for sharing warmth, happy times, love, memories, slow days and treasured hours with friends and family. We've made gift giving eas...
Pearls for every mood - PILGRIM

Pearls for every mood

Pearl Jewellery is for every soul. The pearl trend has been adapted more and more and is often seen in the fashion picture. Pearls with geometrical...
LEAF collection - PILGRIM

LEAF collection

At Pilgrim, we've been proactively working to become more sustainable in all areas of our business, step by step, collection by collection. Learn m...